Preparing for the Next Launch

Thinking back to December 21, 2015 at 8:29 p.m. EST,

I can only image the emotions in the room that day. Looking out to the launch pad, Elon Musk, his team, and the rest of the world know what the mission was for that day.  After 2 previous failed attempts to land  the Falcon 9’s first stage rocket back down into Earth’s steady embrace, the world is watching and waiting for history to be made.

As a spectator of this event I remember the evening so vividly. All the hype leading up to this and the charisma of Musk made me feel as if I was a part of that team and as though I had a shared interest in this mission. I remember the moment that rocket touched down and feeling my eyes slowly fill with tears as the SpaceX team rejoiced with success and you could feel, even through the webcast, the pride and feeling of accomplishment as it filled every inch of that control room. As the cheers and celebrations rang on I sat in my room, alone and pumped my fists in the air in my own personal celebration as tears rolled down my cheek. As I said, I felt fully tied to this project as though I were there and I celebrated along side this amazing group of individuals, from a long distance away.

A few days later I went back and rewatched the landing of the rocket accompanied by the overjoyed celebrations that followed and it hit me again, I began to feel the tears welling up in my eyes again and a heaviness in my chest. But at this moment something was different, I began to notice something that grabbed my attention and drew me to what I was truly emotional over.

I stepped back from the computer monitor, sat down on my bed, and began to ponder everything that was going through my mind at this moment and all at once I gained clarity and the answer was beating me in the head! I wasn’t overcome by joy at the success of this miraculous moment after seeing it again, no, I was overcome by envy as I watched a team come together for the biggest day of their lives and celebrate their win after they had seen so much failure and had been told that this was not possible. I was envying a team that even through hard times, doubt, and fear overcame the popular opinion, proved it wrong, made history, and succeeded in the toughest challenge they had ever faced. That is what I saw.

Now, I recount this story because it means so much to me. As someone who has been fascinated and obsessed with space since I was a kid, it is amazing to finally have experienced first-hand, history being made on a  world-wide stage in the advancement of space exploration.

So What Does This Have To Do With Me?

Well, I am preparing for my next launch in life and my career with a new application. I know this doesn’t seem near as impactful and as huge a mountain to climb but either way, this is my SpaceX and the app is my Falcon 9.

I have had many failed attempts, I have failed at creation, I have failed miserably at market research, and I have failed time and time again at even getting a product fully to launch. I have seen failure, I have tasted defeat, but my eyes and heart know what success looks and feels like.

Now, I may not be sending rockets into space but I have a passion inside for this to where it feels the exact same to me. Watching the SpaceX team as they celebrated I realized it wasn’t the victory I envied in that moment, it was the taste of success. I envied them because I want to know that feeling of seeing the one thing in this life you are most dedicated to, the one thing in this world that you can’t go a day, an hour, or a minute without thinking about finally succeed after nothing but failure.

As I begin down this path towards building out my next MVP for market testing I feel calm and at ease this time. It is as though everything has come together in the right time and order to finally let me see the correct path. I have learned from my past failures and have tweaked the game plan to fit the new challenges. I feel ready and motivated to see this through to success, to be, for once, on the winning side of something I have an undying passion for.

All the preparation,  all of the set-backs, and all of the failures seem to have put me right here, right in this moment ready to take on whatever may come my way. As I look out to the launchpad of my life, I feel the rumble and shake of the ground and I feel the tension rise in the air as if the entire world is watching to see what will happen. As I look out to the stars I see my destination and I feel myself become overtaken by a sense of determination like I have never felt before. And all at once, with no time to turn back it has come, the time is now, 3…2…1….

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