Passion: The Devil with a Halo


One word that, at first thought, seems to be this mystical idea of overwhelming emotion accompanied by  immeasurable  joy. I don’t see passion this way.

Sure, it makes you feel good when you’re winning with your passion and of course it brings your great joy when all is good. But what about that intrusiveness that also comes with a passion? You know what it mean, those moments when you want to just spend time with your family but you can’t shut the brain down, or maybe you want to go pick up the kids from school but you just have to get this one thing done because you’re passionate about your side project and you get little time to work on it. I mean, between work and family when is there time?

I’ve noticed something both amazing and scary about making this step into turning my passion into a full-on side hustle and trying to start a business with it; that is,  it’s very consuming. Now don’t get me wrong, I love this hustle. I have never been more pumped in my life to being doing something. Between building my product, starting an online presence with a podcast and blog, and even gearing up to do some freelance work I have never been more stressed, overwhelmed, busy, and most of all, PUMPED in my life; and that scares me.

This passion scares me because I’m just starting and I already see what it is doing to my mind set. I’m becoming this person where hustling is all that matters (well not ALL but pretty damn high on the list with a very large portion of my “matter” gauge). This is great for me in the business side, however, this can cause issues with my family life and I am trying to take a huge note on this early on. This is the devilish side of passion. It has the ability to pull you away from everything else, and to hell with those who don’t understand.

As I keep meandering down this path towards entrepreneurship I’m learning that this is not easy at all, there is no clock-in / clock-out, there is no one else to pick up the problems and sort them out, there is no one else telling you which decision to make or which path is right, it is just ME and I’m falling in love with it. I started this journey with pure business in mind but now that I can couple this with passion…I don’t even know what this may bring. I may find atop this out-of-control monster of passion a beautiful halo that is the ultimate prize. Perhaps what I gain for making the sacrifice of going all in on this and playing with the devil is the greatest prize I could image, the halo of success.

I encourage you to find your true passion in life. Really take a step back and examine your passion at face value, dig a little deeper, and figure out what truly makes you excited. For me, it was software, at least that’s what I thought.

As I stared down this road of entrepreneurship, I knew there had to be more I wanted than just writing software. What was it that called me? Why did I get brought into this? What was the purpose of it? And then it hit me! My passion goes way deeper than just creating software, or being an entrepreneur. My true passion is leveraging this skill and giving it back to the people in this world that I see putting in the work. My fellow artists, makers, and entrepreneurs that took life by the horns and decided “I will do what I want. I will create! I will explore! I WILL DREAM!”

These are the people that I envy most in my life, the ones who defy the odds and live against the grain. They are the ones that drive my passion and bring me motivation. They are who this is for…

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