First Day Live

Well I’ve started….

Day one of the site being live and let me tell you what…..It has been a real pain to deploy. I have learned a ton of stuff on managing AWS S3 buckets and still haven’t got it all figured out yet. The Podcast page is still under work as I am trying to figure out how to upload large media files. The problem is that my server times out at 30 seconds and it’s taking longer than anticipated to upload content….so there’s that. Either way, the site is up, functional, and out in the world which is a huge success in my book.

I did say that I would be live with the site on Sunday but it got pushed out by a day. After a long night of banging my head against the proverbial wall I decided I would sleep on it and continue forth tomorrow (today as I’m writing this). That was a hard decision to walk away after a good 6 solid hours of deployment failures, “I have to meet this deadline”  is all that I could  think. But either way, after some much needed sleep and coming back with fresh eyes I was able to deploy, set up the email server,  and get the blog to work. So yeah, I’d say it was successful.

“But it’s not all working! We can’t Deploy!”

To this is say….”nah”.

I debated over this today. I thought it doesn’t make much sense to release a site that is not fully functional. But then I thought, ya know, it doesn’t matter really. So for now, I have rerouted my podcast link to go to my RSS feed site where you can listen and linked my iTunes location in the Connect tab of my site. So after a little temporary work-around, everything is rolling smooth, and no is none-the-wiser (except you reading this…you spie!)

So after some frustration, failure, and a few broken keyboard keys (calm down, I’m kidding!) I was finally able to go live on the site and now it’s public!

Now I’m shutting down, and taking a day off to re-evaluate the development of my other application. I have some juicy details coming out on my next podcast episode so be sure to check that out.

Until then,


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